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I am sure that everyone, the first inhabitant of TDU2, opening roads,

at least once, I faced the problem of finding a very small, not open, section of the highway,

because of which, the much-desired pts-ki are not credited in any way))))))

COLOR ROAD'S is just designed to facilitate the search for such "tiny and harmful" sections of the road)))))

When you turn on the program, the places where you have already visited will turn into

not flashy, dark colors, but closed roads, on the contrary, in bright ones)))) With such a "tear out the eye" contrast,

it is almost impossible to miss an unopened area on the map, even if it is sooo small))))

In addition, the program will also facilitate your "mental tossing" when choosing a car to explore the islands.

Initially, in the game, all non-open roads are "gray". Where is asphalt, and where is off road, according to the map, you can only guess.

When COLOR ROAD'S is launched, all non-open off-road vehicles are highlighted separately from the paved highway.

SO, COLOR ROAD'S color layout is as follows:

- The open asphalt is marked in black

- Closed asphalt is marked in red

- Open off-road marked with dark purple

- Closed off-road marked in pink

The completed track is marked in white on the minimap

The GPS line is marked in green

Using the program is simple. After COLOR ROAD'S launch

By pressing the F12 button, the road lighting is activated and turned off.

I hope the program will help you))))))))

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